Life Is Better With Hobbies

hobbies feature

While attempting to survive the demise of Western Civilization, there’s no reason not to keep busy.


Our New Pledge of Allegiance

New Pledge

As I busy myself trying to finalize a big poster, here’s a special note from The Ministry of Truth.


Brooks and Roscoe

brooks and roscoe feature image

A Christmas commission. Using separate photos as reference images can sometimes be a challenge.


Warning: Bonehead Move in Progress

bonehead move feature image

After 35+ years in the industry, you’d think I’d be smart enough to avoid doing something this stupid. You’d be wrong.


Cole, a Curly Pet Portrait

cole feature image

This is Cole, a particularly curly – and happy – fellow. This regular commission came to me in late October, just before the Christmas rush, so I’m including it in …