Your New Favorite Shirts

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You’ll be the hit of virtual school in your new favorite shirts. All the other kids will look foolish on Zoom compared to you in your snazzy new “Free Hugs” T-shirt! That’s the best I can do when it comes to flogging my Sigmadog Shop on Redbubble. I’m just not very good at selling my own stuff. It’s the same …

Covid-19 and Worst Case Scenarios

Open Mike e-harmony

I was listening to the radio the other day and whoever I was listening to (I can’t remember who) said his wife had tested positive for the Kung Flu. His sidekick asked how she was doing and the guy said something to the effect that “I’m not sure, but I have started dating again…”. I thought it was funny, so …

Virus Panic, Closed Schools, and a Lesson in Ignorance

spokane schools closed

On Monday, August 3, Spokane Schools announced their decision to conduct all classes online in the fall. They did this due to fears of the spread of Kung Flu. I looked up the county statistics on August 5 and found in the four and a half months they have been monitoring the Wuhan Lung Rot, there have been a total …

Comments Closed Temporarily

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I’m getting deluged with comment spam so I have temporarily shut down all comments until I can find a reliable filter plugin that works with this theme (and is free or inexpensive). At present, my only commenting rule is that any comment must be related to the post. Spammers are congenitally unable to follow that rule. They inevitably include a …


Too Hot to Blog

neighbor dog

It’s Too Hot to Blog!Summer has finally arrived, and we’re getting it good and hard. It’s in the mid 90’s (my comfort level runs from 65° to 85°). The dogs are coping. Beorn is spending his days in the basement where it’s a cool and constant 65°. This is Hudson’s first summer and he doesn’t seem to even notice because …


Diesel in a Wheat Field

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With this portrait of Diesel, the first creative decision is how to present her. Often this decision is easy, there is usually at least one photo reference that stands out. If I’m really lucky, that one photo will not only have a great pose with personality, but the lighting will be right (best lit from the side, hardly ever good …


A Communist Gives The Best Reason to Keep Guns

Mao and mass graves

“I’m gonna come at you,” he said. The blank stare I gave him in response suggested the need for more information. “About gun ownership,” he added. “Okay,” I replied. Here we go, I thought. In the next few minutes, he regaled me with his deep and abiding hatred of gun violence. Golly! I hate gun violence too! Perhaps we are …


Hipster Boys

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Hipster boys with heavy beards, appear like 19th Century pioneers. You’ll never see them cut a tree, You’ll never see them sail the sea, you’ll never see them hitch a plow. They’re hipster boys: They don’t know how. They aren’t sea captains, or lumberjacks, Amish farmers, or Yiddish hacks. Not terrorists or biker dudes. Just hipster boys with attitudes. For …


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace My Racism

little devil

This story is completely true. It was the first softball game of the County Summer Co-ed Rec League. I was a bit late to the ball park, and most everyone was already there. Some were sitting on the bench putting on cleats. Others were in the outfield stretching and warming up. The late afternoon sun cast everything in a yellow …


Old Man’s Friend

Dad's ashes

My Father’s Day recollection of a conversation with Dad.