Book Cover Artwork: The Story of Echo

Story of Echo feature image

I recently completed illustration and book cover artwork for a fantasy/steampunk novel by J.E. Daniels titled “The Story of Echo”. The ebook is now available for purchase on Amazon, so I’ve been given the go ahead to reveal it here.


How To Destroy the Home Rental Industry

rent feature

Saw on the news tonight that rents in Spokane are very high and availability is very low. The reporter didn’t really have a clue but presented her idiocy with confidence and verve.


Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day 2021

I hope everyone has a good Independence Day. Here are a couple items of interest on this momentous day …


Speaking of Books…

Speaking of books feature image

You may or may not remember my post from last week regarding my Father’s Day gift of four used books from The Kid. Books and writing have been on my mind a lot lately. As I get older I start to think about the things I’d like to do before I croak. I recently told a friend that writing a …