dog portrait samples

I paint custom portraits inspired by your photos.

Smilin' Beorn portrait

Creating beautiful and unique portraits is my new passion

I'm Steve Merryman, the ugly one on the left (above). For over four decades I created successful, award-winning graphic design and illustration for corporate clients, and I loved (almost) every minute of it.

But 41 years was enough for me, so I retired from the design biz a couple years ago. And I've already found something else I love to do:

Now I paint portraits of pets and their people.

The portraits I create are inspired by your photos. I say "Inspired" because I'm not interested in simply re-creating or copying a photo. If that was all I wanted to do this would be a lot easier – I'd just run the photo through a digital filter and --POOF!-- done.

Also, I DO NOT USE Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create these portraits. Each portrait is human-created, and that human is me.

It takes a bit longer this way, but I want each portrait to be a beautiful, unique tribute, and a piece of genuine art for you to cherish and admire. Each order is digitally painted by hand (by me!), treated with careful attention, and represents hours of work.

Want More Information?

You can find lots of info on my portraits, including sizes, prices, samples, and how to order on my PetArtWorks page.

When I'm not painting portraits, I'm usually outside with my dogs, chopping wood, writing something silly, or working on a fun illustration project. You can visit Almost Daily (my blog) to find out what I'm thinking and doing lately.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions; retired guys like me are full of answers and always happy to pass them on.

Finally, you can help keep my dogs supplied with biscuits by ordering a portrait today.

My Customers

Before retirement I helped many Spokane area organizations
with their marketing materials. Here are a few:


Almost Daily

On my blog Almost Daily you will find my dispatches from an absurd world made tolerable by the presence of dogs. Also, unpopular opinions on art, design, and the fall of Western Civilization.