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Charming Chuy

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This is smilin’ Chuy. Like most little dogs, he makes up for a lack of physical stature by means of a massive personality. I love this portrait! Let me tell you why. First off, you can’t look at Smilin’ Chuy without smiling back. I think I captured his happy nature with this portrait. Secondly, in terms of technique, I love the sense of depth I created by carefully placing dark areas next to lighter areas. …

Hobee feature image


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It’s been a while since I posted a portrait (or anything else). I’ve got quite the backlog of portraits to show. Let’s start with one of my favorites. This is Hobee. Not much to say about this happy fella, except that I really like the way the bright blue background sets off the orangey tone of his head. I added some electric orange tones on his cheeks that create a nice glowing effect, making the …

pet portrait commission sydney feature

Pet Portrait Commission: Sydney

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For this pet portrait commission of Sydney, a charming Black Lab, I used two photos as reference. In one he was dressed for St. Patrick’s day, looking into the camera wearing a green feathery luau thingy around his neck and a goofy headdress with two green Irish top-hats on springs (I’m not judging, we’ve all been there). As charming as it was, the customer requested that the St. Paddy’s gear not be included in the …

Blue Cotton feature image

Cat Portrait: Blue Cotton

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Most of my portrait work consists of dog portraits, but I’ve done a few cat portraits as well. A couple weeks ago I was feeling the need to work on a cat portrait as a nice change of pace. At that same time, a friend posted a photo of her cat on Facebook. I liked the photo and knew it would make a great practice portrait. Legally, I can’t just use reference photos without the …

Hudson Feature Image

Mastiff Puppy Portrait

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Here’s a quick portrait of Hudson. This is from when he was 7 months old (five months ago). Hudson’s color and unique folds in his coat have been giving me fits ever since I started trying to paint him. With this portrait, I think I’m starting to figure out how to handle that distinctive face of his. More practice will help me nail down how to create fold patterns, and better tackle his subtle coloring. …

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Boris vs. Porcupine

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We put our beloved Boris down just over a year ago. I still miss my big buddy. Ten years was too short a time to spend with such a sweet-hearted dog. Here’s a quickie portrait of Boris after an encounter with a porcupine. Boris seemed very pleased with himself at the time. Fortunately none of the quills were very deep or in sensitive areas. Our previous dog, Reggie, a border-collie tried taking a bite out …

Grizz portrait feature image

Grizz Pet Portrait on Stretched Canvas

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This portrait of Grizz is my latest pet portrait which, like most of my orders, was output on stretched canvas. The photo reference I used was excellent, a well lit, colorful photo. This allowed me to concentrate on making a painting that not only accurately represented Grizz, but also conveyed an artistic “punch” of stylistic brushwork and strong, vibrant colors. Love Your Pet ForeverMy PetArtWorks page describes the portrait ordering process. Listed prices are all-inclusive …