Dear Potsie; Please Adopt Me

Dear Potsie image

Trying to get my art-career off the ground has been a long and disappointing challenge. It seems I keep getting pushed aside by those with more marketing savvy.


Snow Wrestling with Beorn and Jasper

The fight for dominance is fierce as these two evenly matched puppies battle for alpha status in a snowy cage match. Two enter. Two leave, but with biscuit treats.


Hudson’s Secret

Hudsons Secret

Hudson’s dark obsession gets the best of him yet again. Here is the (almost) true account of what happened.


Confession: I Beat My Mother


I’ve lived out here in your woods for twenty-two years, and if I’ve learned anything at all I’ve learned to not take shit from Mother Nature.


Dear Softball…

Dear Softball feature image

This is a blog post I wrote a couple days after my very last softball game, which happened on this day exactly ten years ago.