Our New Pledge of Allegiance

New Pledge

As I busy myself trying to finalize a big poster, here’s a special note from The Ministry of Truth.


Brooks and Roscoe

brooks and roscoe feature image

A Christmas commission. Using separate photos as reference images can sometimes be a challenge.


Warning: Bonehead Move in Progress

bonehead move feature image

After 35+ years in the industry, you’d think I’d be smart enough to avoid doing something this stupid. You’d be wrong.

Pet Portrait of Bella, a Yellow Lab

Falling Leaves and the Hazard of Experts

falling leaves feature

The Death Rattle of Western Civilization continues. As the foundations of our culture are being destroyed from within by means of 1) hysterical panic over a 99.9% survivable virus, and 2) spittle-flecked irrational hatred whipped up over a media-enabled fictionalized caricature of the President, it’s important to take time to appreciate the little things. It’s almost Halloween, and the leaves …


Rejected by Shutterstock

Rejected feature image

Tonight I had a batch of cool photos rejected by Shutterstock, and I’m a little pissed off, to say the least. It’s certainly Shutterstock’s right to reject photos. As a new contributor, I’ve had a few photos rejected and it’s part of the learning process to find out what Shutterstock wants. In each case, I understood the reasons given for …

Pet Portrait Commission: Sydney

pet portrait commission sydney feature

For this pet portrait commission of Sydney, a charming Black Lab, I used two photos as reference. In one he was dressed for St. Patrick’s day, looking into the camera wearing a green feathery luau thingy around his neck and a goofy headdress with two green Irish top-hats on springs (I’m not judging, we’ve all been there). As charming as …