The Oldest Conspiracy Theory

photo of the Earth from space with a horizontal line showing curve

“They want us to think it’s all down there,” he said with disdain in his voice. “What?” I asked. “The crust. The mantle. The molten core. All of it.” “Oh! You mean the Earth!” I said, catching up. “You’re talking about what’s down there below the surface and all?” “What they want us to believe is down there, you mean,” he corrected. He kept saying things like that. As though knowledge was some great secret …

One Single-Step for Man, One Cumulative Selection for Mankind

Buzz Rubisco on the moon

Last week John Wilder presented a challenging post talking about the protein/enzyme RuBisCo (you can read his post here). It is the remarkable protein in plants that breaks down CO2 and is essential to life on Earth. In the post he argued that the probabilities of RuBisCo folding itself properly to do what it does were astronomically high and therefore signified the intentional actions of a higher power, God. Here is John’s summation: It is …

Guest Post: The Almighty Weighs In

God is gonna smite someone

This is a guest post by someone you may know as the Lord of Hosts, The Almighty, The One And Only Three In One himself.