A goofy German Shepherd dog named Otto

The Hughes Brothers: Otto

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This is Otto, the last of three German Shepherd portraits I've done for the Hughes family.

When I received the photo references from the family I had an immediate question: What's with Otto's ears?

They replied, "That's how they look most the time. He's kind of lazy and a real goofball."

Enough said. I went with the cockeyed ears and, for added drama (and to accentuate the "goofy" factor) I added just a bit of his tongue hanging out.

When they saw the proof I sent, they responded with one word: "Perfect!"

I love it when I can convey a sense of the pet's personality in the portrait. It's not always evident in the photos you send, so make sure to let me know on the order form (there's a spot for just these sort of notes).

Here's Otto.

Portrait of Otto, a German Shepherd

Otto Hughes (digital, 18x24). The client asked to make him look goofy, because that's how he is.

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Steve in 2021
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Topdog is Steve Merryman, a retired graphic designer, illustrator, and unrepentant asshole. Steve can usually be found working on a portrait commission or some other artwork. Steve fills his days by painting, writing, shootin' guns, cuttin' trees, hiking with his dogs, and savoring a beer or two, all while searching for the perfect cheeseburger. He studiously avoids social media and is occasionally without pants.

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  1. I must say I love your style of human kindness, and love of doggies too. For a side note I too wear no pants just a man’s dress shirt style. My kids have said years ‘mom put pants on!’ Me, “ it’s my house go home to yours” lol 😂 Ialso love German Shepherds am getting a new pup soon. I am a writer of children’s books, cookbooks for people and my new book cooking for your pets.
    Anyway love the art work and your Gab page, hope I can get the right picture so I can afford a portrait of my dog Angel.
    Love your sense of perspective and humor. TTFN ✌🏻 A Girl from Humboldt CA 💚

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