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Bo was a singularly happy Bernese Mountain Dog.

Well, that's not entirely correct. Every Berner I've known has been, without exception, a super happy camper, so it's hard to say "this one is the happiest". And though I never met Bo in person, the photos supplied for this memorial portrait certainly gave the impression of a very happy dog.

Possibly it's the breed, or, more likely, the loving pet parents.

Normally, I try to focus on the eyes for these pet portraits, and I did so for this portrait as well. But what really captured my attention and, in the final painting, makes me smile whenever I look at it, is the great detail I captured in the nose and tongue. I was impressed with Bo's smile and wanted to convey that great joy to the viewer.

NOTE: I just realized I've got a several year backlong of finished portraits that haven't been posted so I'm working on posting them in the coming weeks (yeah, there's a lot).

Bo, a Bernese Mountain Dog portrait

Bo (11x14, digital)

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