Mac Studio

PRIDE and Pity

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I was going to wait until next year to purchase a new computer. That was when I thought Apple would announce new models of the Mac Studio (my preferred desktop). But they announced new models in early June, and immediately the prices dropped for last year’s model. So I pulled the trigger a year early, saving roughly $600. The computer arrived last week. I’ve been working on moving my files and apps from the old …

Poogle parody logo

Google Is Shit

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Recently, I posted a new T-shirt design on TeePublic, a site that offers artist designs on T-shirts and other items. The design (above) is a parody of a certain popular search site that rhymes with Boogle. I think it’s pretty funny, not to mention true. Unfortunately, the soulless automatons at Koogle were not pleased, and I received an email from TeePublic informing me the design was removed at Noogles request, claiming the design… get this… …

Buzz Rubisco on the moon

One Single-Step for Man, One Cumulative Selection for Mankind

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Last week John Wilder presented a challenging post talking about the protein/enzyme RuBisCo (you can read his post here). It is the remarkable protein in plants that breaks down CO2 and is essential to life on Earth. In the post he argued that the probabilities of RuBisCo folding itself properly to do what it does were astronomically high and therefore signified the intentional actions of a higher power, God. Here is John’s summation: It is …

Spine of Purely Lit Fiction and Poetry Anthology paperback book

The Year Is Nearly Over And I’m Just Getting Started

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It’s almost 2023 and I’m still alive. Not that I was in any serious danger of dying in 2022, but at sixty years, one does start to count each stair step when coming down for one’s Lucky Charms®.  Maybe it’s time to install a handrail. As a rule, I don’t much care for those “Year In Retrospect” stories that get written this time of year. I’m mostly a Looking Forward kind of fellow, except when …