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Here’s the score: We’re now in Month 6 of “Two weeks to flatten the curve.” Our governor acts like a king, dictating to us what we can do, how many we can do it with, and what we should wear. Businesses have died (including mine). The RULES keep changing. We engage in Safety Theater by wearing masks in public even though their effectiveness is in dispute. A black man died from an overdose in Minnesota …

spokane schools closed

Virus Panic, Closed Schools, and a Lesson in Ignorance

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On Monday, August 3, Spokane Schools announced their decision to conduct all classes online in the fall. They did this due to fears of the spread of Kung Flu. I looked up the county statistics on August 5 and found in the four and a half months they have been monitoring the Wuhan Lung Rot, there have been a total of six hospitalizations and zero deaths in the 0-19 age range in all of Spokane …

Mao and mass graves

A Communist Gives The Best Reason to Keep Guns

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“I’m gonna come at you,” he said. The blank stare I gave him in response suggested the need for more information. “About gun ownership,” he added. “Okay,” I replied. Here we go, I thought. In the next few minutes, he regaled me with his deep and abiding hatred of gun violence. Golly! I hate gun violence too! Perhaps we are kindred spirits. He went on to briefly describe how his colleagues – fellow teachers and …