Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day 2021

I hope everyone has a good Independence Day. Here are a couple items of interest on this momentous day …

Time waster post

Irish People Try American Burgers

My computer just froze up while I was in the middle of painting a pet portrait. No, I didn’t have it saved. About an hour of work lost. Very frustrating. While I wait to calm down and take another run at it (this time with more frequent saving of my work), here’s a  video of Irish people trying American burgers. It’s part of a series of Irish people trying different American things. The concept seems …

Bathroom Data

bathroom data feature image

Assembled from years of observation and presented without comment

Quarantine Shorts

quarantine shorts

Not every day deserves a long post. Here’s a bunch of shorts.

Toilet Paper Wars

wipe privilege

I just don’t get the toilet paper panic. Of all the things to panic-buy in preparation for a virus, toilet paper would be very far down on my list.