Our Night of Baseball

Baseball 2021

Our first baseball game of 2021 came on a warm night, and I went home with a prize!


Irrational Fear Is the New American Pastime

Spokane County Covid Numbers

Irrational fear is driving America crazy. I don’t know why I keep posting about the Kung Flu. I don’t want to keep writing about it, but I can’t escape it. I’m like a midget in a crowded elevator: it’s constantly being thrust in my face and there’s nothing I can do. I’m sick of it. And clearly the government can’t find its ass with both hands, because the mixed messages are now beyond ridiculous. The …


Fantasy League

Trolls make great catchers. This troll, however, wanted to play first base. The troll wasn’t having any of Rick’s usual “do as you’re told,” garbage. As manager, Rick knew he had to maintain tight control of his players, and these players in particular. Next to the dragon and were-beasts, the trolls were the hardest to control. He had to find a way to get the troll to play ball, as it were, and accept his …