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Irrational Fear Is the New American Pastime

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Irrational fear is driving America crazy.

I don't know why I keep posting about the Kung Flu. I don't want to keep writing about it, but I can't escape it. I'm like a midget in a crowded elevator: it's constantly being thrust in my face and there's nothing I can do.

I'm sick of it.

And clearly the government can't find its ass with both hands, because the mixed messages are now beyond ridiculous.

The CDC says it's safe to be outside, but only if you're fully vaccinated and wearing a mask and social distancing. How is that any different than before? Does the vaccine work or not?

The fully vaccinated Governor of Washington spoke at a "Take It Outside" event to announce that it's safe to be outside. During his remarks he wore a mask… standing alone… away from everyone… talking into a mic.

The state of Washington doesn't even track outside transmissions of the Kung Flu. King County, the most populous county in Washington state can't point to a single case of outside transmission. But you've still got to wear masks outside and keep your distance. Talk about irrational fear.

When the local news interviews people for various stories, they conduct the interview via Skype or some video conferencing application. Everyone is alone. Everyone is wearing a mask. You can't understand a word they are saying.

Now they're pushing to inject kids with the vaccine. Kids!


Do you know how many kids age 10-19 have died from Kung Flu in Spokane County?


Do you know how many kids aged 0-9 have died from Kung Flu in Spokane County?


Let's give an unaffected population an experimental injection and see what happens. Sounds like SCIENCE!

In 14 months, the Kung Flu has "devastated" the population of Spokane County, killing just over one tenth of one percent of the population (.12% or 623 people). And last week, the Governor threatened us with more lockdown restrictions.

Ten miles to the east, in Idaho, they are open and ready for Summer.

Irrational Fear Is the New American Pastime

We have season tickets to the local minor-league baseball team. I paid for them in advance of last season, which was cancelled. This year they are playing again, but with some changes.

The season has been increased from 38 to 70 home games. Since I paid for the old season of 38 games, that's how many tickets I get.

Okay. So far, so good.

Because simple pleasures like a summer day in the sun enjoying baseball cannot be allowed, we only get our reserved seats for seven games. All our other games are in different seats because SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!!

Also (and this really pisses me off), we don't get to choose which games we attend. The baseball club assigned us our 38 games because COVID SAFETY!

When we're at the games, we're not supposed to get up and walk around more than necessary because IRRATIONAL FEAR.

And, of course, when we do go to the games, we have to… you guessed it:

WEAR A GODDAMNED MASK. Outside. In the sun. In the Summer.

I've given most of our tickets away to friends. I don't want to go anywhere. Not because I'm afraid; but because everyone else's irrational fear has sucked the joy out of everything.

Imagine the excitement: Sitting in a stadium filled to 25% capacity (under Flu Manchu restrictions), restricted to cramped seats, and wearing a mask.

I like baseball, but not enough to put up with that. The only way it gets worse is if the players take a knee during The Anthem.

I wish this post was funny, but today I've lost my sense of humor. When did we become a nation of such fearful pussies afraid to breathe the free air?

I know this post is a real downer, so let me end with a nice photo of Hudson and me. It doesn't have anything to do with masks or the Flu Manchu, but it makes me happy.

Hudson and me fondly remembering the old America.