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I was going to wait until next year to purchase a new computer. That was when I thought Apple would announce new models of the Mac Studio (my preferred desktop). But they announced new models in early June, and immediately the prices dropped for last year’s model. So I pulled the trigger a year early, saving roughly $600.

The computer arrived last week. I’ve been working on moving my files and apps from the old computer to the new one. Over the years I had built up a lot of cruft in my system, so I opted for a clean install.

After several days of trying my patience with file transfers and re-establishing serial numbers and such, I was finally ready to hook up the new computer to all three monitors.

It was then I discovered I needed cable adapters for the new models. Apple having once again changed the connection ports.

Apple Engineers using PlaySkool toy to design cable connections

Not wanting to wait on Amazon deliveries, I went to - in sequence - Fred Myer, Best Buy, and Walmart. None of them had what I needed. So I came back and ordered on Amazon. The adapters will be here Friday, so I’m rocking one measly monitor till then.

It was at Best Buy that I had my first ever Trans Encounter.

I was standing in front of the cable/adapter displays, frowning in disappointment, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a Best Buy employee approach.

“Can I help you find something?” said an obviously male voice.

I turned and saw someone with long, dirty blonde hair, lumps approximating boobs, and a 5 o-clock shadow on his cheeks. Not missing a beat, I explained my problem.

He looked it up on his phone and said, “Yeah, there’s none in stock. I can order them but they won’t be here till next week.”

“That’s okay. I’ll swing by Walmart and see what they have,” I said.

“You probably won’t find it at Walmart. Their computer section is, like, from ten years ago. They don’t have any modern stuff.”

In my mind I said, “Well, you are a man pretending to be a woman, so in my view your judgment is already suspect.”

But what I actually said was, “Well, it’s on my way home so it’s not a problem. If they don’t have it I’ll go with Amazon.”

It was a respectful interaction. I don’t express disapproval in others’ life choices unless they directly restrict my freedom. And clearly he was old enough to make bad decisions on his own.

But I left feeling sad. The dude wasn’t fooling anybody, and I wondered how his life would turn out. I wasn't disgusted. What I felt was the same sympathy I’d feel for someone with a mental illness, because that’s what I think the vast majority of trans people are suffering.

They want to call June the month of PRIDE.

A month of PITY is more fitting.

And now it's late June. PRIDE Month is, mercifully, almost over.


It’s none of my business what an adult does with their hoohah, privy counsel, Cupid’s Warehouse, or whirligigs, as long as they do it in private with consenting adults. Nor is it any of my business if an XY adult wants to pretend to be XX, or vice versa. They are free to live their imaginary reality.

However, they’re not the only people with freedom. I am also free to accept the fact that XY cannot be XX, or that XX cannot be XY.

Scientific Fact: No amount of hormones and/or mutilating surgery will change your DNA.

Speaking of mutilating surgery…

Have you seen the dragon man?

Richard Hernandez has spent the last ten years “transforming” himself into his idea of a dragon via crazy plastic surgery. He wants to be addressed as a genderless “they”.


Leaving aside the fact that dragons don’t exist, does anyone believe Dick the Dragon is “really” a dragon? Or genderless? Or not a human male? Despite his years of willingly paying for various mutilations, he’s still sporting the XY chromosomes, and that will never change.

But hey, he’s living his mental illness dream. More power to him. Seriously. That’s what freedom allows.

I don’t have to share his dream, or accept it, or even acknowledge it. Because I also have freedom.

This is where the trans-pack is overplaying its hand. They want all the freedom and tolerance for themselves, leaving none for the rest of us.

And this year, even more so than previous years, they are seeking to include (indoctrinate?) kids. If there is a hill to die on, protecting children is that hill. Filling children’s minds with this rot should not be tolerated. Simple truth: There are things adults can do that are not for children to witness or be told about. This is not a difficult concept to understand.

But the trans pack won’t let up. They’ve gone from “just let us live our trans lives” to “you must acknowledge our trans lives” to “you must celebrate our trans lives” to “your children must celebrate our trans lives”.

Think it will end there? Your naivety is adorable.

They wish to force us into their imaginary world – their trans religion – and force us to chant the approved words, “Trans is normal. Trans is good. Trans is authentically human.”

Grant them that and before you know it, it won’t be just words they’ll be forcing in our mouths.

But what do I know? I’m just a white, old, straight, male. I just want the freedom to live my white, old, straight, male life in peace.

In other news…

The weather is improving, which means I have outside obligations. First off, I have to knock down the field grass and brush which has grown significantly during a long, wet Spring. For this job I have a second-hand DR Mower with a 32’ cutting deck. I use it to give our hill its Summer Cut. My first area of attack was in front of the house.

Before and after of my field mowing efforts on Day One

From rat's nest and fire hazard, to clean –and eventually– green.

It will take me about two weeks or so of two hours per day mowing (in the morning when it’s cool) to finish the job.

It's been a quiet June for posting, so I hope this lengthy rant made up for it.

If you don't hear from me by Tuesday, have yourself a great Independence Day!

Steve in 2021
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