The Official Bloomsday 2021 Poster Unveiled!

Bloomsday 2021 Poster feature image

Today the Official Bloomsday 2021 Souvenir Poster was unveiled. One of the local tv news channels, KREM was there and did a good five minutes on it. They mentioned my name, and not in the way most people who know me assumed and expected my name would make the news. No, they named me in a good way. It’s official! …

Was Larry the Best Dog Ever?

Larry feature image

While he was with us, we had no doubt that Larry was the best dog ever. Time (and several newer dogs) have tempered that sentiment somewhat. It’s not that Larry has gone down in status, he’s simply got more competition. Larry was our first dog. We were married in the fall of 1992. In the spring of 1993 The Missus …


Time waster post

Irish People Try American Burgers

My computer just froze up while I was in the middle of painting a pet portrait. No, I didn’t have it saved. About an hour of work lost. Very frustrating. While I wait to calm down and take another run at it (this time with more frequent saving of my work), here’s a  video of Irish people trying American burgers. …


Bathroom Data

bathroom data feature image

Assembled from years of observation and presented without comment

New! Kung Flu Anal Swab

kung flu anal swab

It seems counter-intuitive to test for a respiratory illness via the outpipe, but it makes sense from a certain point of view.


Life Is Better With Hobbies

hobbies feature

While attempting to survive the demise of Western Civilization, there’s no reason not to keep busy.


Our New Pledge of Allegiance

New Pledge

As I busy myself trying to finalize a big poster, here’s a special note from The Ministry of Truth.


Brooks and Roscoe

brooks and roscoe feature image

A Christmas commission. Using separate photos as reference images can sometimes be a challenge.


Warning: Bonehead Move in Progress

bonehead move feature image

After 35+ years in the industry, you’d think I’d be smart enough to avoid doing something this stupid. You’d be wrong.