painting of a couple cats in the lawn

Vasquez & Ripley

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It's impossible for me to tell these cats apart. They look identical to me.

The only indicator that works for me is that Vasquez is not as shy as Ripley.

The Kid, however, can tell them apart in an instant. They are her cats, after all.

Two years ago I made this digital painting as a gift for The Kid. It was a bit unusual for me, but because it was a gift, I felt free to play around with the composition and make it less a portrait and more an illustration (mainly because I can't tell the damn cats apart).

To add interest, I included some elements personal to The Kid, including her foot.

This was a very fun painting to do, and I enjoyed breaking away from the typical "portrait" kind of look.

Vasquez and Ripley, 2 cats in the lawn

VasRip (18x24, digital). Vasquez is on the top. Or is that Ripley?

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Steve in 2021
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