A Special Environmental Message

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I don’t know how you plan on observing Earth Day, but this my traditional way to celebrate. It turns out that on average, the middle of April is a great time to burn slash.About the Author Topdog is Steve Merryman, a retired graphic designer, illustrator, and unrepentant asshole. Steve can usually be found working on a portrait commission or some other artwork. Steve fills his days by painting, writing, shootin’ guns, cuttin’ trees, hiking with …

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Forestry Project Update

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We’re closing in on the last few days of thinning our forest. We can finally see the trees for the forest, and it looks like we’ll meet our deadline!

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Spring time is tree-cutting time

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Our five-month winter has finally packed up and moved out. Talk about over-staying your welcome. It started the first week of November. The snow fell, and it still hasn’t completely left. In fact just a couple weeks ago it added another foot and a half. Personally, I think a nice white Christmas is nostalgic and pleasant enough. Heck, even a snowy New Year is fine with me since we usually stay home anyway. And I …