Hiking with dogs

Hiking With Dogs

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The Missus and I love to go hiking with dogs. Usually our hiking season is July – early September, but this year it will be scaled back a bit. Why? Beorn, our Bernese Mountain Dog, is recovering from his second knee surgery in two years. He needs time to build his strength back. Hudson looking forward to hiking and more porcupines Hudson, however is ready to go at any time. He loves getting out in …

boris porcupine feature image

Boris vs. Porcupine

topdogPet Portraits

We put our beloved Boris down just over a year ago. I still miss my big buddy. Ten years was too short a time to spend with such a sweet-hearted dog. Here’s a quickie portrait of Boris after an encounter with a porcupine. Boris seemed very pleased with himself at the time. Fortunately none of the quills were very deep or in sensitive areas. Our previous dog, Reggie, a border-collie tried taking a bite out …