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Grizz Pet Portrait on Stretched Canvas

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This portrait of Grizz is my latest pet portrait which, like most of my orders, was output on stretched canvas.

The photo reference I used was excellent, a well lit, colorful photo. This allowed me to concentrate on making a painting that not only accurately represented Grizz, but also conveyed an artistic “punch” of stylistic brushwork and strong, vibrant colors.


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I particularly like the bright yellow-orange highlights next to the light blue shadows of his face. Placing complimentary colors (orange and blue) next to each other creates a vibrancy that is hard to ignore. In this case, it helps focus the center of interest on Grizz’s face, without overpowering the composition.

There’s a lot to like in this pet portrait. The colors are strong, and the illusion of depth makes it visually appealing. The bright white of his face contrasted with the intense fur colorations make this portrait a delight to view. The portrait was output on stretched canvas with a thick 1.5” image-wrapped edge that will make it stand out and demand attention on any wall.

Like all my stretched-canvas portraits, it was delivered to the customer’s door, ready-to-hang.

Larger Grizz portrait below.

As I do more of these, I see within my work an increasing inclination to break away at times from a strictly representational approach. This is an appealing development, even though as a portrait artist, I am commissioned to create a clear likeness of the subject, and that is always the primary focus. If done while respecting that goal, incorporating elements that could be described as non-representational can make the image a bit more interesting. I think I'm honing in on a nice balance between the two.

In the end, I want my customers to recognize their pet while also having a unique piece of art.

Grizz pet portrait

Grizz (digital 24x24)

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