Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day 2021

Not much on my mind today, but here's an interesting story from the History Blog:

Signer's Copy of Declaration of Independence Found in Scottish Attic.

The article also includes interesting facts about the Declaration, some I already knew and some were new to me.

Among the latter is the fact that New York was the lone hold-out on July 4, but approved the statement on the 9th making it unanimous among the thirteen colonies, and the formal signing of the document by all representatives took place on August 2nd.

History is a rich banquet attended only by a few, as this Mark Dice video proves:

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  1. I was a little surprised during conversations with Pugsley how he had some big, big holes in his history education, especially American history.

    Not good – since that defines us, but that’s maybe the point of not teaching it?

    1. Post

      I avoid subscribing to conspiracy theories, but it’s hard to think of any other reason why education of American history is so deplorable these days other than it’s intentional.

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