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Falling Leaves and the Hazard of Experts

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The Death Rattle of Western Civilization continues. As the foundations of our culture are being destroyed from within by means of 1) hysterical panic over a 99.9% survivable virus, and 2) spittle-flecked irrational hatred whipped up over a media-enabled fictionalized caricature of the President, it’s important to take time to appreciate the little things.

It’s almost Halloween, and the leaves are still on the trees. This is unusual. Also, we were buried in eight inches of snow last weekend and temperatures plummeted near single digits. And still the leaves remain on the trees. I remember long ago being told by an expert that it’s not the low temperatures that cause leaves to change and fall, it’s the lack of sunlight. As the Earth rotates around the sun on a 23° axis, the daily amount of sunlight decreases from the Summer Solstice to the Winter Solstice on a regular, incremental basis. This happens with mathematical certainty.

If such mathematical inevitability lies behind the rhythms of falling leaves, why don’t they change and fall each year at exactly the same time? The expert in his certainty never mentioned variables like water, warmth, and weather that might affect the changing and falling of leaves. No, he insisted. It’s all about quantity of sunlight.

Whether through ignorance or intention, the leaf expert didn’t tell the whole story.

The story of our civilization appears to be entering its Fall as well. As panic and uncertainty rise, the desire for fortune tellers has never been higher.

This ancient need for fortune tellers is why we have EXPERTS, who provide clear answers to the future. Experts are everywhere these days. The evening news is less about What Happened Today and more about What’s Going To Happen Tomorrow.

As society collapses and everyone is desperate for guidance, it’s important to remember that Experts can be wrong; they sometimes don’t tell the whole truth; and experts occasionally have an agenda. In many cases (particularly in the news media) the Expert is not really an Expert at all.

Wear a mask! Don’t wear a mask!

Buy gold! Don’t buy gold!

Vote by mail! Don’t vote by mail!

Pull my finger! Don’t pull my finger!

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. It’s best to trust your own experience and instincts and go with the Truth you have. Truth is a rare commodity in today’s world. We reached Peak Truth years ago, and authorities have been pumping out synthetic Truth ever since. So hold on to whatever Truth you have, whether it’s from religion, history, economics, or Vegas betting odds.

Keep it close, because we are entering an Alice In Wonderland world where the only certain thing, the only thing you can trust, will be the Truth you bring with you.

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