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We have a favorite hike we like to do with the dogs. There are two hikes, actually, and which one we take depends on how energetic we feel that day. Sadly, at ten and a half years, old Beorn the dog is probably not up to either hike anymore; he's slowed down considerably these days, so for the time being, we've adjusted our hikes to flat, short walks with lots of shade and water so Beorn can come with us. To be honest, I kind of like those kinds of hikes as well. Beorn and I are both getting old.

The trails in question are at the top of Thompson Pass on the border between Idaho and Montana. I haven't looked at the trail maps for some time, but I think one is mostly in Idaho and the other in Montana.

The drive up the middle fork of the Coeur D'Alene River is very scenic, but with a winding road I don't advise enjoying the scenery too much if you're driving or you might end up being part of it.

There's one place along the road that has had my attention for years. I've tried to photograph it but the photos never came out very good, so I decided to try drawing it in graphite. It's a particular rock formation that juts out from the cliff and looks like a tower, so I call it Tower Rock. It's so distinctive that it may very well have an official name other than Tower Rock, but that's what I call it.

I started this drawing last year but set it aside when work and projects intervened. I picked it up again this spring and finally finished it last week.

tower rock, coeur d'alene river graphite

Tower Rock, graphite, 6" x 12"

Steve in 2021
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