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The High Cost of Fools

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I always get gas in Idaho when I'm there or passing through. The taxes in Washington state are too oppressive, and things are generally less expensive across the border.

I call it the Freedom Discount.

But even with the discount, prices are still crazy. I filled up a couple 5 gallon jugs for our yard tools (lawnmower, tiller, chainsaws, etc.). My truck's tank was half full, so I added another ten gallons to my truck. The total was just a little over 20 gallons, the total tank capacity of my truck. That 20 gallons hit a new personal high for fuel cost.

Over one hundred dollars.

I also filled up two jugs with diesel for my tractor and I paid over $55 for 9 gallons of diesel.

People everywhere are complaining about the high cost of fuels, and rightly so.

There's no good reason for such a dramatic rise in fuel costs in so short a time. Oh! Except for the Biden administration cutting oil exploration, cancelling domestic pipelines, killing refineries, and threatening oil companies when prices go crazy as a direct result of his decisions.

Simple economics: When supplies are down, prices go up.

This crisis is entirely of Biden's making. We're not buying his gaslighting talk of Putin. The effect on prices from Russian oil is so tiny it's hard to calculate. I seem to recall Russian oil making up less than 3% of our total oil consumption (going from memory so please correct me if I'm wrong).

Fuel prices are high because Democrats want them high and have done what they can to raise them even higher. When running for office Biden repeatedly promised to "end fossil fuels" in his administration. He thinks we should all buy electric vehicles to Save The Planet® and he and his fellow traveler Democrats are going to do everything in their power to make fuel either too expensive or completely unavailable. If you thought shipping problems were bad now, wait until there is no longer any diesel available and truckers switch from eighteen wheels to Chevy Volt's.

The end of fossil fuels. That's the goal of the watermelons (communists pretending to be environmentalists, aka "green on the outside, red on the inside"), and they're working that angle like there's no tomorrow.

Never mind the world currently lacks the mineral resources to replace every internal combustion engine with a battery-powered one, nor do we have the electricity-generating capacity to charge all those batteries, and even if we did, we don't have the infrastructure of charging stations to accomplish it.

But that doesn't stop Biden and the Watermelons from making decisions that have and will continue to destroy our nation's energy industry and, ultimately, our whole economy.

With this in mind, it's obvious the real danger to our country is not the Cost of Fuels.

It's the Cost of Fools.

Steve in 2021
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