Smilin’ Beorn the Bernese Mountain Dog

Beorn portrait feature image

Beorn is our Bernese Mountain Dog and he's a sweet guy. He loves The Missus, so for our Anniversary, I painted a big portrait of the big guy.

At 36" square, this portrait demands attention, but in a friendly, "Come Let Me Lick You" way.

I love the orange-red background that reflects Beorn's coloring and creates a warm and friendly effect overall.

The biggest question we have now is where to put it. Fortunately, we've got some big spaces up above in our living room where Smlin' Beorn will fit just right.

The Missus was quite pleased with her anniversary gift (see below).

By the way, I charge a very reasonable $430 for a 36" x 36" portrait on stretched canvas and thick image wrapped edge (that includes delivery to U.S. addresses). See my Sizes and Prices page for details.

Beorn Portrait

The Missus and her Anniversary Gift.

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