A Dead Moose: Smarter Than Governor Inslee

Moose carcass

It’s amazing how efficient nature’s scavengers can be. As noted in a previous post, this moose died less than a month ago. It didn’t take long for the birds, coyotes, and other scavengers (including perhaps a bear or two) to strip the carcass. I don’t think I need to worry about the smell reaching our property now. Heck, the dogs weren’t even that interested in it.

Nothing goes to waste in nature.

Personally, I’ll be watching the progress on the skull to add to my collection.

A particular set of skulls

Speaking of Brain Dead…

Our illustrious governor, Jay Inslee, backed off his idiotic privacy-invading and unconstitutional proposal to force restaurants to keep names and numbers of all customers for contact tracing. It appears the ACLU sent a friendly reminder to the governor explaining how the Bill of Rights works. In an Almost Daily Exclusive, I happen to have a copy of the information they sent him.

History for Kids - Bill of Rights

Governor Inslee was very excited to get this. He loves to color.

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