Mosquito Dream

Mosquito Dream


The following is my entry in a 100-word Flash Fiction Challenge held recently at WritingForums, where I am a member.

Everyone voted, and this story won First Place.

Before posting it here, I fixed a couple minor punctuation inconsistencies. I also removed one inconsequential word and added a very important word ("Smiling" in the last sentence) which in my view makes the story stronger. The total word count is 100.

I died in disgrace.

There is unfinished business, so I return as a mosquito.

I move swamp to puddle, and stay in the shadows because sunlight saps me.

My quest is simple. Unfaithful and selfish in life, I seek forgiveness.

There are no maps, but I know her smell. I weave in the wind, searching.

Many hours later, near exhaustion…

I see her! My love! My mourning wife!

She sits outside holding papers.

To get her attention I land on the papers.

"Bzzzz! Bzzzz!"

Success! Her hand rises in recogni…


Smiling, she signs the insurance forms, ignoring the smudge.

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