Bella and Maggie, a Christmas Commission

Another pet portrait Christmas commission, this time of a lovely pair of Labradors named Bella and Maggie.

This commission was based on one photo only. Yikes! I don't like it when I get just one photo from which to work. Normally I ask for a few more to help me see details that one photo may miss.

However, this photo reference, while a bit low resolution, was clear enough to reveal the important details I needed. I was able to make educated guesses on the remaining mysteries.

I remain grateful to John at WilderWealthyWise blog for pointing this customer, and several others, my way during my best-ever Christmas season. Thanks, Buddy!

bella maggie pet portrait

Bella and Maggie, 18x24 (digital painting)

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Topdog (aka Steve Merryman) is a designer, illustrator, dog lover, smart-ass and budding curmudgeon. He spends time working in his home-based design studio, SIGMA; painting dogs and other things; writing; chopping firewood; hiking; eating cheeseburgers; shooting guns; trying to ignore social media; and wondering where he left his pants.

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