Brooks and Roscoe

brooks and roscoe feature image

This will be a fairly short post. I've got a few deadlines to meet this week, but I wanted to get this post up before I get too deep in my next project.

Roscoe and Brooks (Brooks on the left, Roscoe on the… wait, no. Roscoe on the left, Brooks on the… ah, hell, I can't remember) belong to two brothers, respectively, and their mom (a friend of ours) wanted a combo portrait for her husband.

She supplied me with several photos of each dog separately. I had to find two images that if sketched together would work. Luckily there were a couple in which each dog was looking slightly to the right.

The lighting was a bit off, so I had to enhance the shadows. Shadows are essential to a good portrait as they provide depth and suggest a three-dimensional object.

This portrait came out very well. Here's the full image:

brooks and roscoe portrait

Brooks on the left, or is that Brooks on the right? Hell, I don't know.

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