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Harvey in snow

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Harvey was a local commission as a birthday gift.

Painting snow is a fun challenge. I like to try to capture some of the brilliant blue that comes from the translucence of the snow when back lit. And it's also a trick to get the footprints and jumbled snow to look realistic. It's easy to get lost and try to be perfect with every stroke, but I've found that working quickly helps to keep the energy of the scene. In this case I decided to push the intensity of the blue around the head to draw more attention to the face.

It was a fun project, and I really love how Harvey's face came out. The bow-tie ( added at the client's suggestion) was a great addition.

Harvey dog portrait

Harvey (16x16 digital print on canvas)

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Topdog is Steve Merryman, a graphic designer (retired), and illustrator. Living in the woods, Steve can often be found working on portrait commissions. In his spare time he paints, writes, shoots guns, cuts trees, hikes with his dogs, savors a beer or two, and searches for the perfect cheeseburger. He studiously avoids social media and is occasionally without pants.