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Cole, a Curly Pet Portrait

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This is Cole, a particularly curly – and happy – fellow. This regular commission came to me in late October, just before the Christmas rush, so I'm including it in my Christmas commissions list anyway because once I finished it, the orders came pouring in.

The client only supplied one photo, not normally a good thing. But in this case it was a clear, well-lit photo that I was able to work with. In order to make a good portrait, I needed to amplify what little shadows were there, and that's just what I did.

I think the result is quite pleasing. Cole looks extremely happy.

curly cole

Cole is either a real dog or a very happy stuffed toy.

Love Your Pet Forever

I have been doing these portraits for years for family and friends. Now I'm doing them for everyone. Let me create a custom pet portrait inspired by your photos.

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