The Murtaugh Effect

Murtaugh image

Old School Designer (OSD): “Let’s have a look at your portfolio.”

Young Designer (YD): “Here is a package design for tampons.”

OSD: “You don’t see that in a student portfolio every day. Well… It’s a good daring design! There’s some great things going on here: Creative spacing; unique font usage; striking color choices. However, I will say it doesn’t strike me as very feminine.”

YD: “Exactly. I designed it to be gender neutral.”

OSD: “Uh… Gender neutral. For tampons?”

YD: “Yes. Because females aren’t the only ones who menstruate.”

OSD: Blinks. Stares for second or two. Blinks again.

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Topdog is the online persona of Steve Merryman, a retired graphic designer, illustrator, and winner of over ninety regional and national awards. Living in the woods just west of Idaho (USA), Steve can often be found working on pet portrait commissions. His spare time is spent painting; writing; cuttin' trees an' shootin' guns; hiking with his dogs; savoring the occasional beer; searching for the perfect cheeseburger; and wondering where he left his pants.

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