The Murtaugh Effect

Murtaugh image

Old School Designer (OSD): “Let’s have a look at your portfolio.”

Young Designer (YD): “Here is a package design for tampons.”

OSD: “You don’t see that in a student portfolio every day. Well… It’s a good daring design! There’s some great things going on here: Creative spacing; unique font usage; striking color choices. However, I will say it doesn’t strike me as very feminine.”

YD: “Exactly. I designed it to be gender neutral.”

OSD: “Uh… Gender neutral. For tampons?”

YD: “Yes. Because females aren’t the only ones who menstruate.”

OSD: Blinks. Stares for second or two. Blinks again.

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Topdog (aka Steve Merryman) is a designer, illustrator, dog lover, smart-ass and budding curmudgeon. He spends time working in his home-based design studio, SIGMA; painting dogs and other things; writing; chopping firewood; hiking; eating cheeseburgers; shooting guns; trying to ignore social media; and wondering where he left his pants.

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