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Hudson in snow

Our first real snow came this weekend. January is a bit later than usual, but not completely unheard of.

At four months old (and fifty pounds), Hudson is learning the properties of snow. In particular, he's delighted that snow hangs together in clumps when kicked, and spends much of our walk chasing after my feet, hoping to capture a prize of kicked snow.

When he's ready, I will introduce him to snowballs rolling downhill and completely blow his mind.

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      Cool! They might disappear again as I update the site.

      I’m sand-boxing the site development (building the pages in a “sand box” server on my computer). When I get to a point where I’m happy with the new content, I upload it to the live site. Unfortunately, this tends to wipe out any comments and things that aren’t on the development site.

      So don’t say anything important for a couple weeks!

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