Portraits for NWFA members!

Want the short version? Use these links (or the ones above) to go to my portrait section for information, samples, sizes, prices and an order form. Remember to enter 45ACP in the discount code section of the form (on the last page) to get $20 off your order.

Welcome Northwest Firearms member!

It may seem sort of counter-intuitive to advertise pet and people portraits on a gun-oriented web site, but in my 6+ years of NWFA membership, I've seen how many of you love your pets just as much as I love mine, so it's not that strange to me. And what better place to advertise my services than in a place I've enjoyed visiting since I started shooting in 2017 (yeah, I'm a late bloomer)?

But enough preambling. Let's get to the point…

I paint pet portraits mostly, but I can paint just about anything (people, cats, horses, Chupacabras, etc.). All I need are good reference photos (preferably 3-5 images - no flash photos - no blurry photos - no photos taken from 3 miles away, etc) that give me a clear picture of the subject (NOTE: Every so often I get photos that present problems and if that happens I'll usually contact you and ask for more photos if that's the case).

I use those photos to inspire me to digitally paint a beautiful portrait of the subject. Here's how it works:

  • You place an order. The Order Form will accept your photo uploads. And don't forget to enter 45ACP on the last page to get $20 off your order. At the end of the order form you will pay a little under half the cost of the portrait.
  • I paint the portrait and send you a proof. Which you either approve or request one round of free changes*.
  • Once approved, I send you an invoice for the remainder of the portrait (including sales tax for Washington residents) and when that is paid in full, I order the print. The print is then delivered to the address you gave me on wrapped canvas and ready to hang.

All payments and invoices are handled through Stripe and are secure. I don't save any of that information.

*Additional rounds of changes will be charged at $30/hr, so be as clear as possible on that first proof.