Graphic Design for small business.

Design Bloomsday
Design McVay Windows
Design Hewescraft
Design Bungalow

Does this sound familiar?

Your business/organization is fairly young, and it's doing well, but not great. You want to get to great, but there's something holding you back. Looking at your marketing materials, you discover a lack of consistency and varying levels of quality. Some of this stuff you've been using for years and it shows. Your company has changed and grown, but your materials are stuck in the last decade.

It's time for an upgrade.

If that describes your business or organization, you should talk to me.

Grow so successful you no longer need me

It sounds odd, but that's my goal. I want to make your identity, print materials, packaging and/or marketing efforts so successful you outgrow me. I'm not kidding. I want to help you succeed so well you leave me behind.

For a long time I was frustrated that companies I helped grow eventually decided I was too small for their needs. Then I realized: This Is My Niche!

I help small businesses grow their image and succeed so they can leave me behind, like their first house or an old boyfriend.

I would love to help improve your marketing so you too can dump me.

Here are some of the businesses and organizations I have helped:

  • Whitworth College
  • Spokane Railway Credit Union
  • Spokane Postal Credit Union
  • Bloomsday
  • Friends of the Centennial Trail
  • Sterling International
  • Catholic Charities
  • Catholic Foundation
  • Idaho Citylink
  • Hewescraft Marine
  • Medication Review
  • CXT
  • Blumengarten
  • Bungalow Craftworks
  • Maystar
  • Salmon Creek Consulting
  • CCU
  • McVay Windows
  • Altek
  • Roast House
  • Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce
  • Rios Construction


Upgrade your identity to convey professionalism and confidence

Print Design

The caliber of your print materials affects the quality of your message


Great packaging design separates your product from the competition

Illustration / Photography

Art and images create a compelling story of your organization

In business: