Mosquito Dream

Mosquito Dream

The following is my entry in a 100-word Flash Fiction Challenge held recently at WritingForums, where I am a member. Everyone voted, and this story won First Place. Before posting it here, I fixed a couple minor punctuation inconsistencies. I also removed one inconsequential word and added a very important word (“Smiling” in the last sentence) which in my view …


Father’s Day Books, For The Win.

Fathers Day Books

I had every intention of writing a brilliant blog post today. Perhaps something deep and acerbic on the confluence of politics and art (“AOC’s Post-Modern Napkin Scribbles Win Critical Acclaim”). Or perhaps a somber overview of our collapsing civilization from the viewpoint of opportunistic extraterrestrials (“Dear Humans; We’ll Take It From Here”*). Maybe a long treatise on fake-conservatives and the …


I Used To Love The Internet

Early Internet

I used to love the internet back in the days. It was the Wild West and open to all. Social media changed all that.


Our Night of Baseball

Baseball 2021

Our first baseball game of 2021 came on a warm night, and I went home with a prize!


BLM: The New Fascists

Scene from Winds of War

It’s clear to anyone with eyes to see that BLM is the new fascists. If you think Black Lives Matter Burn Loot Murder are heroes, you need to read a little history. Current events have a way of reminding me of the past; history repeating and/or rhyming and all that. In the present insanity there have been many moments which …


Irrational Fear Is the New American Pastime

Spokane County Covid Numbers

Irrational fear is driving America crazy. I don’t know why I keep posting about the Kung Flu. I don’t want to keep writing about it, but I can’t escape it. I’m like a midget in a crowded elevator: it’s constantly being thrust in my face and there’s nothing I can do. I’m sick of it. And clearly the government can’t …


Growing Old Gracefully

Open Mike Growing Old

Am I growing old gracefully? Not sure. All I know is I’m feeling old today. I turned 59 a few months ago. Last night I realized I’m still telling people I’m 58. Not because I’m avoiding the truth. Not because I’m fooling myself. Because I forgot. It’s not dementia that made me forget. I’m still in full control of my …


Government Is Using Fear to Keep Us Down


I’m tired of government fear tactics. I’ve tried to ignore them, but they keep pressing us down. Government wants to control our lives far too much. This puts me in a revolutionary frame of mind. More on that later. But first, let’s begin with an updated chart. That big red patch looks scary. It’s a cumulative number so the actual …