Life Is Better With Hobbies

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While attempting to survive the demise of Western Civilization, there’s no reason not to keep busy.

Falling Leaves and the Hazard of Experts

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The Death Rattle of Western Civilization continues. As the foundations of our culture are being destroyed from within by means of 1) hysterical panic over a 99.9% survivable virus, and 2) spittle-flecked irrational hatred whipped up over a media-enabled fictionalized caricature of the President, it’s important to take time to appreciate the little things. It’s almost Halloween, and the leaves …


Loss, Second Lives, and a Soft Retirement

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It’s been a long two-weeks to flatten the curve. Honestly, it feels a lot more like seven months (but who’s counting?). Cases are up. It’s amusing how the media are fixated on the total cases. They’re always growing! Yeah. Cumulative lists are like that, you idiots! But if you look just a little harder, you might discover that little percentage …


Numb and Number: My Weed Experience

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I had weed for the first time. This is the story of my weed experience. A month before, The Missus and I went to a wedding. At the reception there was a Weed Bar. I didn’t partake, but later they handed out some two-inch square Cannabis brownies/caramels. I saved one and brought it home for later. I was talking to …


Hipster Boys

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Hipster boys with heavy beards, appear like 19th Century pioneers. You’ll never see them cut a tree. You’ll never see them sail the sea. You’ll never see them hitch a plow. They’re hipster boys: They don’t know how. They aren’t sea captains, or lumberjacks, Amish farmers, or Yiddish hacks. Not terrorists or biker dudes. Just hipster boys with attitudes. For …


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace My Racism

little devil

This story is completely true. It was the first softball game of the County Summer Co-ed Rec League. I was a bit late to the ball park, and most everyone was already there. Some were sitting on the bench putting on cleats. Others were in the outfield stretching and warming up. The late afternoon sun cast everything in a yellow …


Old Man’s Friend

Dad's ashes

My Father’s Day recollection of a conversation with Dad.


Fantasy League

Trolls make great catchers. This troll, however, wanted to play first base. The troll wasn’t having any of Rick’s usual “do as you’re told,” garbage. As manager, Rick knew he had to maintain tight control of his players, and these players in particular. Next to the dragon and were-beasts, the trolls were the hardest to control. He had to find …

Conversation with a Dog (part 1)

Boris at nine years

I was sitting on a bench in the mall when my dog came up and sat down beside me. This is the conversation that followed.