Book Cover Artwork: The Story of Echo

Story of Echo feature image

I recently completed illustration and book cover artwork for a fantasy/steampunk novel by J.E. Daniels titled “The Story of Echo”. The ebook is now available for purchase on Amazon, so I’ve been given the go ahead to reveal it here.


Design Follows Idea

Almost Daily placeholder image

The design business has changed a lot in the last half century, but truly timeless design always follows a good idea.


The Official Bloomsday 2021 Poster Unveiled!

Bloomsday 2021 Poster feature image

Today the Official Bloomsday 2021 Souvenir Poster was unveiled. One of the local tv news channels, KREM was there and did a good five minutes on it. They mentioned my name, and not in the way most people who know me assumed and expected my name would make the news. No, they named me in a good way. It’s official! Now they HAVE to pay my bill! Unfortunately, I missed the live show as I …


Loss, Second Lives, and a Soft Retirement

loss feature image

It’s been a long two-weeks to flatten the curve. Honestly, it feels a lot more like seven months (but who’s counting?). Cases are up. It’s amusing how the media are fixated on the total cases. They’re always growing! Yeah. Cumulative lists are like that, you idiots! But if you look just a little harder, you might discover that little percentage number that even the Health Department seems reluctant to highlight. That’s the number of recovered …

Your New Favorite Shirts

shirts feature image

You’ll be the hit of virtual school in your new favorite shirts. All the other kids will look foolish on Zoom compared to you in your snazzy new “Free Hugs” T-shirt! That’s the best I can do when it comes to flogging my Sigmadog Shop on Redbubble. I’m just not very good at selling my own stuff. It’s the same with my paintings. I paint them and leave them lying around, often stacked up, leaning …