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Irish People Try American Burgers

My computer just froze up while I was in the middle of painting a pet portrait. No, I didn’t have it saved. About an hour of work lost. Very frustrating. While I wait to calm down and take another run at it (this time with more frequent saving of my work), here’s a  video of Irish people trying American burgers. It’s part of a series of Irish people trying different American things. The concept seems …


Bathroom Data

bathroom data feature image

Assembled from years of observation and presented without comment

Covid-19 and Worst Case Scenarios

Open Mike e-harmony

I was listening to the radio the other day and whoever I was listening to (I can’t remember who) said his wife had tested positive for the Kung Flu. His sidekick asked how she was doing and the guy said something to the effect that “I’m not sure, but I have started dating again…”. I thought it was funny, so I stole the concept for a new Open Mike comic. Stealing concepts has a glorious …


Too Hot to Blog

neighbor dog

It’s Too Hot to Blog!Summer has finally arrived, and we’re getting it good and hard. It’s in the mid 90’s (my comfort level runs from 65° to 85°). The dogs are coping. Beorn is spending his days in the basement where it’s a cool and constant 65°. This is Hudson’s first summer and he doesn’t seem to even notice because he’s got a new playmate. The neighbors have a 6-month old German Shepherd pup, Kairo. …


Kneel before Zod!

kneeling dems

This whole “kneel before Zod” thing really took me by surprise, but I was able to toss together a couple memes to mark the occasion. About the AuthortopdogTopdog is Steve Merryman, a graphic designer (retired), and illustrator. Living in the woods, Steve can often be found working on portrait commissions. In his spare time he paints, writes, shoots guns, cuts trees, hikes with his dogs, savors a beer or two, and searches for the perfect …


Quarantine Shorts

quarantine shorts

Not every day deserves a long post. Here’s a bunch of shorts.