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biden unplugged

I haven't had much to say lately, and instead of forcing stupid words into a stupid blog post, I've been sitting on the sidelines watching the world go abso-effing-lutely crazy.

There's not much point in pointing it out anymore, whether it's the political winds, the Kung Flu hysteria, or the cost of Bugles (I loved those things as a kid). Everyone by now has their mind made up one way or another, and there is little to be gained in attempting to engage in discussion. In fact, most discussion is – from my experience – a losing proposition, and potentially dangerous.

The best I can do is go about my business, trying my best to ignore the absurdies; stock up on peanut butter; avoid crowds; and keep the fire burning because, as they say, Winter is coming.

That said, I am beginning to feel the creative juices starting to churn (or is that last night's chili?), and expect to be back on the blogging horse soon.

Take care, Dear Reader.

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