Comments Closed Temporarily

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I'm getting deluged with comment spam so I have temporarily shut down all comments until I can find a reliable filter plugin that works with this theme (and is free or inexpensive).

At present, my only commenting rule is that any comment must be related to the post.

Spammers are congenitally unable to follow that rule. They inevitably include a link to CBD oil, SEO bullshit, or some crappily translated garbage that is indistinguishable from gibberish.

By the way, I've tried using Wordpress settings to control junk commenters, but they also filter out regular commenters. As long as I have been using Wordpress, I have yet to find the proper settings for commenting. It's not something I've spent much time on, since I have such a small readership, but it appears now I need to do a bit more research.

If I can't find a decent filter plugin, I'll set Wordpress to forward ALL comments to moderation as a temporary commenting measure. Not sure that will make anything easier on my part, but at least it will allow comments to appear.

I've been using WordPress since at least 2003 or so, and comment SPAM has always been a problem, but, like I said, my readership has typically been so low, it's never been much of an issue.