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zombie family
Zombies, AKA attorneys, politicians, socialists, etc..
This zombie family started out as an exercise in drawing hands, and foreshortening (depicting how things appear larger as they get closer) but turned into something completely different.

I decided to expand the exercise into a zombie family with dramatic red and green lighting.

Working to depict decaying flesh was fun, and keeping my head about me when it came to making sense of the whole group took a lot of concentration.

One of the most difficult things to accomplish is painting groups of people. The goal is to create enough distinction between the characters, but also associate them together in a crowd. If you don’t strike the correct balance of individual / group forms, it can look a bit contrived.

I think this “mostly” succeeds in the individual/group ratio. Certainly if I did it again (hey! It’s Halloween, so why not?) I’d approach it a bit differently by perhaps spending more time on the initial sketch, and adding a bit more disgusting facial details (cuts, bite marks, etc.) and working on those eyes more as well.

I do like this zombie family illustration a lot. It also made a great fake book cover.

zombie family
This book, if it were ever written, would be quite the genre-bender.

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