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Walking My Dogs Illustration
Hey Guys! You know how much you love swimming? Well…

It’s Friday, around noonish.

I’ve been up since 2:30 a.m. with a sick dog.

Since yesterday, Boris, the blind one, has stopped eating and drinking. I’m tired and I’m worried. It’s a bad combination for producing great blog content.

Nevertheless, the Blog must go on. So here’s my entry this week.

The title of this digital illustration is Walking My Dogs at the End of the World.

It’s sort of not-so-subtle, I guess. It never gets much attention when I show it to people, but that’s okay because it has meaning to me.

I like how you can look at it and see a nice landscape and think, “Aww! What a nice view for a walk with the dogs, but what’s with the title? Seems kind of dark.”.

But then you look at the top and it all sort of makes sense. And it is dark. I suppose that’s why most people don’t respond to it; the juxtaposition of innocence and beauty alongside imminent destruction can be jarring and uncomfortable.

Perhaps it’s part of my dark humor coming through. I seem to recall I did this illustration a year or so after my father’s death from cancer, so some morose ideas were rolling around in my head at the time. I gave them an outlet in this and other images because, as someone once said, “ya gotta get the poison out.”

Later, I found it came in useful as a fake book cover.

Walking My Dogs at the End of the World fake book cover
It ain’t exactly “Marley and Me”, but it does have a brief surfing chapter at the end.

I hope Boris can turn the corner on this illness. I suspect it was something he ate that he shouldn’t have. He’s done it before. But at ten, he’s getting old and frail so recovery is harder.

I’d hate to think this is the End of the World for Boris. I’d like to keep him around for another couple years at least. He’s a sweet dog.

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