Here's a question:

If you are so concerned about your privacy, why are you even on the internet?

My policy

I don't data-mine information in order to use it for nefarious purposes. I may use your email to send you an occasional note of new or interesting content ("How occasionally," you ask? Well, in the near quarter century of running this web site, I've sent out maybe 5 promotional emails all-told, so hold on to your butts for a similar SPAM avalanche in the next twenty-five years).

To the extent I collect information about you, it is information you, by voluntarily visiting and interacting with my site, willingly share (IP address, user registration - if any - browser info and all that stuff). Yes, this Wordpress-based site uses cookies. They're delicious, and they are only used to make your interaction with this site easier (like remembering if you are signed in, and auto-fill info for commenting; that sort of stuff). It's all strictly standard fare, and nothing underhanded.

It is possible you will disagree with my opinions and decide to comment on my posts. That's great, but remember that I have control over all the content on my site, not you. So if you go rattling off some stupid-ass comment which you later regret, you can only have it removed via my good grace. So if you happened to piss me off, it's likely your comment will live forever to your eternal chagrin and family shame. Comment accordingly.

Seeing as how this web site is mine and mine alone, I retain the right to keep or not keep, to post or not post any comment you share.

So be a mature adult, put on your big-boy pants, and interact with this web site at your own risk.