When Sandpoint, Idaho was chosen by USA Today and Rand McNally as “America’s Most Beautiful Small Town”, the folks there thought that was pretty nice, but not very surprising – they knew what they had long before those east coast big shots showed up and said so. Most locals would have no-doubt preferred to keep the news under their hats (“America’s Most Beautiful Small Town: Let’s keep it that way!” was their motto), but none of them were members of the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce.

It was members of the Sandpoint Chamber who asked us to help promote this recognition in hopes that those interested in beautiful small towns would learn of Sandpoint’s preeminence in that regard and would then be drawn like ants with discretionary income to a lovely north Idaho picnic awash in awesome natural beauty and reasonable prices.

Our idea was to focus on the two aspects of the award that seemed the most important: Beautiful, and Small. The “beautiful” part was conveyed via photos. The “small” part was reinforced via a headline that caused a bit of a ruckus.