Day Off

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I’m taking a day off to tend my sick doggie.

He’s eating and drinking again, but only minimally and in small portions. About every two hours I offer him a half-cup of boiled chicken and rice. Sometimes he eats, it other times he turns away like the thought sickens him.

We’re giving him some anti-nausea medicine to help ease his gut back to work. This is the stuff that worked last time this happened, so we’re hoping for the same result.

In the meantime, we (the Missus and I) re-finished our floors with four coats of oil-based Varathane. We’ve been living out on the deck for the past five days and are only now getting things moved back inside.

I’m taking this opportunity to clean all the windows. We’ve got twenty five large windows on the main floor. It’s gonna take me all day.

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