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SIGMA Christmas Card - poopermint

I've been sending out Christmas cards to friends and family for the last eleven or twelve years. Before that I was sending out yearly "Missives From Santa's Workshop Under Siege" which were… how do I put this… not really for kids.

Each card was designed at 6.5" x 19" which allowed me to print two-up on my large format printer. They were mailed in tubes, which was cheap at first but not so much anymore.

There's a lot of directions to go when you decide to make personal Christmas cards, and for some reason I'm drawn to the disgusting and inappropriate side of the equation. It's a gift.

You may find this hard to believe, but in my humble opinion, this particular card (from several years ago) is NOT the most disgusting card I've done, although it's certainly in the running.

I'm proud to say that in my opinion, last year's card is the most disgusting card I've ever done. If this whets a sinful desire on your part to witness with your own eyes a creation that is justifiably a disgrace to all that is good and righteous in the world, you are in luck!

Sigmadog Etsy Shop

Seven dog-themed Christmas Cards that go from mild to wild. now for sale on Etsy!

I will be posting past Christmas cards here for the next couple weeks, thereby fulfilling my Artsy Fartsy Friday obligations. So if you have the patience, stay tuned to this site for further information.

But, if you're decidedly impatient, you can view seven of my dog-themed cards (including my most disgusting) that I have re-designed to fold down into a standard A6 envelope and placed for sale at our new Etsy shop.

They are for sale! Yay! Capitalism!

4 Comments on “Christmas Poopermint – Artsy Fartsy Friday”

    1. You make reference to Event Horizon on a regular basis. I guess I better watch it (finally!) so I can know what you’re talking about. Personally, my go-to movie for daily applicable quotes is “O Brother Where Art Thou”. That movie is a gold mine of quotable quotes.

      1. Event Horizon is (probably) one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever watched – it is not a lighthearted romp. That said, if you like horror movies (haunted house to HP Lovecraft) it will sit well. If horror movies disturb you? Don’t watch it.

        1. Horror? Haunted house? Lovecraft? I’m in. Can’t believe I haven’t seen the whole thing, just bits and pieces. The Missus has seen it several times, but I always have other things to do.

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