Friday Night Art: Bloomsday Edition

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Bloomsday also-ran image

This is Bloomsday weekend in Spokane. It’s a big deal around these parts, which is a good excuse to offer some Bloomsday Art.

A little background: Every year on the first Sunday in May, over 40,000 runners from around the world descend on Spokane to run a 12 kilometer course that goes from the downtown area, out to the forested hills to the west, down a river valley, across the river, up a brutal hill (Doomsday Hill) and back to downtown.

I’ve been doing the print marketing for Bloomsday for 24 years. I’ve been in business for 26 years. They are my best, and longest running client, literally.

Part of my function for Bloomsday is to provide concepts for their yearly marketing (print ads and such). I usually propose at least three concepts each cycle, ranging from a safe, respectable concept to one that pushes the boundaries. From “mild” to “wild”, is one way to put it.

Sometimes they pick the wild one. I did a super hero comic-book cover concept that went over real well, followed by a movie poster concept that was also well received.

Other concepts, they just don’t go for.

This is one of those.

The idea was to create an energetic illustration with bright colors showing the intensity of Bloomsday on the part of a runner.

They didn’t go for it. I suspect it was because the sample illustration I did showed a kid running with grim determination, but they tend to favor the fun and happy runner images. There’s little wrong with that approach, and much in favor of it.

I consider it a lesson learned. It was disappointing at the time, but it helped show the way for future Bloomsday art.

I’ve always like the illustration. It’s a great little piece of Bloomsday Art, even if it wasn’t a winner (or even finished). It’s my favorite “also-ran”.

Sorry, Kid, you’re just not Bloomsday material.

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5 Comments on “Friday Night Art: Bloomsday Edition”

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