Artsy Fartsy Friday: Blind Dog Art Edition

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dog portrait of blind dog Boris

Here’s a blind dog art video demo, this time of Boris, our large Black Lab / Mastiff mix.

Boris has been having eye issues for a couple years. In 2016 he woke up totally blind on Easter Sunday. The next day we rushed him to the vet and after emergency surgery (cha-ching!) they were able to restore about 25% vision in one eye only.

That paltry amount of vision remained stabilized until this last week when his one good eye started going downhill.

The vet explained there is little they can do at this point, saying it’s inevitable that Boris will lose all his vision. And in all likelihood, fairly soon.

Luckily for Boris, we work from home, so he gets lots of attention and help when he needs it, which will only increase once he’s a completely blind dog.

Additionally, over the course of the last two years, we’ve taught this nearly blind dog a few new commands that help him get around with his lack of vision. The big one is “This way!” to keep him on the trail when we’re hiking. Although we may have to add a leash once he goes from Mr. Magoo to full Ray Charles mode.

The other command that comes in handy when he’s about to fall off a cliff, is “Wait!”. Considering the amount of people who die taking selfies, more people should learn that command.

Also, even as a blind dog, he’ll still do just about anything for a biscuit.

It’s gonna be interesting around here with a blind dog, but I think both we and he will adapt just fine.

As you can expect, I also do a lot of dog art featuring Boris (here and here for instance), and this is one I did a couple weeks ago. I time-lapsed the video and set it to music. The Missus noted that I use that tune a lot in my videos, so it’s time to fire up Logic, Apple’s music app, and get composing.

Finally, a shameless plug to remind you that custom pet portraits featuring your very own best friend can be ordered at my other site,

My eyes are like teenagers – they just don’t work.

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5 Comments on “Artsy Fartsy Friday: Blind Dog Art Edition”

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