Artsy Fartsy Friday: The Bloomsday Finisher

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Bloomsday Finisher - Aches and Pains
Bloomsday Finisher - Aches and Pains
Alternative title: If Gulliver ran Bloomsday.

The Bloomsday Finisher was one of my favorite projects, ever.

The Bloomsday Finisher was an ad series centered on a great concept. We wanted to elevate the Bloomsday experience to heroic levels. And what better way to do so than by portraying those who participate as heroes?

That was the idea behind it. The execution took a bit of work as I had to delve into a world I had left behind decades ago. I hadn’t looked at a comic book since the late 70’s. Now, of course, we call them “graphic novels” which costs more. It reminds me of the world of personal defense, where an ordinary black flashlight costs eight bucks or so, but if you call it “tactical” you can double the price.

I can hardly wait for the arrival of “tactical graphic novels” that no one can afford.

Creating the Bloomsday Finisher artwork

Each piece of art began as a sketch at roughly 13” x 19” on onion skin paper (basically tracing paper). Once I was happy with the sketch, I scanned it in sections (my scanner only scans standard letter sizes) and stitched it together in Photoshop. Then, I imported it into Corel Painter for a final tight rendering.

With the final rendering done, I created a new layer in Painter and proceeded to line out the art in black. Line work is my biggest weakness. I don’t have the perfectly steady hand necessary for most modern comic art. Nevertheless, I managed somehow to combine decent line work with my own rough style for something that didn’t look half bad.

Bloomsday Finisher Detail
I can’t draw smooth lines, but that never stopped me.

The last step for the artwork was to add colors underneath the black in either Photoshop or Painter, whichever I felt like using.

Finally, I created the ad layout and wrote the text for each ad.

“Aches & Pains” was one of my favorites, but you can view the whole series in my portfolio and pick you own favorite.

The series won quite a few awards, which was nice. More importantly, the project made the Bloomsday people very happy.

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    1. Thanks, John. I loved doing them. They actually inspired one of my other clients to request comic art for their marketing campaigns, which will be another Artsy Fartsy post.

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