Artsy Fartsy Friday #11: Joining the Marines

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Marine drill instructor

My nephew is joining the Marines, so I dug deep into my archives of defunct and rejected ideas and found this rough sketch for an ad campaign that never materialized.

drill sargeant
“Sharpen your pencil, Maggot!”

The campaign was one that I proposed for Bloomsday®, and the concept was “Prove It”. The ad featuring a Marine drill instructor expressing doubt the reader had the guts to run the 12K race.

Here’s the rough comp we gave the Bloomsday Board:

marine ad for bloomsday
Marketing lesson #1: Always insult your audience.

I thought it was funny, but the Bloomsday committee didn’t get it, and so the concept was rejected for another idea I submitted that was… less abrasive and involved some fun trading cards.

But enough about old art. The big news is that my nephew is joining the Marines, and I couldn’t be prouder. Last I heard he wants to train to be a corpsman. We’ll get the full info at his graduation party.

He graduates from high school in a couple weeks, then heads off to Marine boot camp sometime this summer (I’m guessing on the west coast at Camp Pendleton but what do I know, I’m just a fat-assed civilian).

As such, I have no knowledge of what it’s like to be in the Marine Corps, but I smile when I think it might be like this:

Yep. It’s gotta be just like this.

I’m looking forward to the changes he will undoubtedly undergo in becoming a Marine. There have been other friends of mine whose kids have entered the Marine Corps and they always come out bigger and stronger and younger versions of the mature adults we all hoped they’d become.

Growing up is all about transformations. My nephew is about to undertake a big one.

Way to go, Jack!

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5 Comments on “Artsy Fartsy Friday #11: Joining the Marines”

    1. Lots of great moments / lines in that movie. My favorite, which I use when approaching a urinal is “Remember! Short, controlled bursts!”

      Nobody ever crowds me at a urinal.

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